Project Updates: End of 2014/Beginning of 2015!

The final days of 2014 are winding down, and a new year is on the horizon, complete with new projects finishing up or underway!

The main news of this update involves Badger. Though planned for an October release, it was delayed again until January (in the UK) and February (worldwide); books in the Animal series are published in groups, and unfortunately the paired volume was delayed, so that meant Badger was, too. But now it looks like it will appear with Mouse early in the new year. In the meantime, here's the link to my book trailer and a sneak-peek of some of "seven things you didn't know you need to know about badgers"! 

I also now have a badger-themed blog that brings together some of the voluminous research materials that didn't make it into the book or that I wanted to expand upon beyond the volume itself. It's not often updated (a bit like this webpage!), but might be of interest to the badger lovers out there!

In non-Badger news, my work on Why Indigenous Literatures Matter was slower than anticipated due to an unanticipated level of administrative work combined with getting both the ugly cold and exhausting flu that went around this fall, but the new year will see that manuscript completed, and the novel fully underway. It's nice to finally be back to working on new projects again instead of wrapping up the old ones. So here's to a productive, enriching, and enchanting 2015, with work and life in better balance than in the year before! And many thanks to all those who've shared their support and enthusiasm over the past year--you have no idea how much it's appreciated. All my very best, Daniel.