Project Updates: June 2015

It's been some time since my last update, and much to reflect on from the past few months. 

2015 is the tenth publication anniversary of Kynship, the first volume of The Way of Thorn and Thunder trilogy. It's hard to believe that the books have been in the world for that long--both in trilogy form from Kegedonce Press and the omnibus edition from the University of New Mexico Press--but I continue to be humbled and delighted that the adventures of Tarsa, Tobhi, Denarra, Quill, and the rest are finding enthusiastic readers all over the world. In fact, I've been thinking more about what happens after the events of that trilogy, so there may be some sort of sequel to come down the road. (After I finish The Flaypelt Conspiracy and its partner volumes, that is--one secondary world at a time!)

Badger was published in January, and I've been quite buoyed by the response. Not many reviews yet, but ecologist Hugh Warwick reviewed it for the spring 2015 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine and declared: "I have read many of the books in Reaktion's series Animal, and though they are unformly beautiful the quality of the text does vary. However, Badger is one of the best." I have a great deal of admiration for Warwick's own writing on wildlife, so these words are particularly welcome!

As I'm still collecting badger news, information, and lore, and have a great deal of research material that never made it into the book, I've started an infrequently updated blog, The Badger Files. It's a fun little side project for folks who, like me, just can't get enough about badgers!

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter is forthcoming in spring 2016 from Wilfrid Laurier Press, and I'm delighted to note that the cover includes an image from Cherokee Nation graphic artist Joseph Erb--the first time Cherokee art has featured on the cover of any of my work! Still finishing up the last details on that book, but am excited to see it in print and in the world. After the encyclopedic length of The Oxford Handbook, it's nice to have a smaller and more intimate project to be working on for a change. After this book, I have a proposed collection of previously published and new essays and fiction to sort out by the end of the year (tentatively titled Imaginging Otherwise), and then I think I'm going to take a break from scholarly books for a while to focus on my fiction, as I'm getting antsy to get solid momentum on The Flaypelt Consipracy at long last.