Update: Blogs, and Ten Years of Thorn and Thunder

A few of my past blogs are now unavailable due to the disappearance of their host sites, so I've decided to post all non-badger-related blogs I've written to this site, featured on this page. Once the lost blogs are recovered I'll add them to the page! And don't forget my own badger blog, The Badger Files, which continues to be (irregularly) updated with quaint and curious commentary about my favourite mustelid!

September 28th was the tenth anniversary of the book launch for Kynship, the first volume in the Way of Thorn and Thunder series. It seems hard to believe that it's already been a decade! So grateful to all the readers who've taken the journey through the Everland, to the publishers who've believed in the tale and its audience, and to the friends and family whose support, good guidance, excellent revisions, and enthusiasm made it possible. Here's to many more years of adventures ahead--and more stories of Tarsa, Tobhi, Denarra, and the other Folk of the Melded World. (And maybe a graphic novel or other media on the way!)